An Alchemist (extra_aram) wrote,
An Alchemist

The "Env"

Has anybody seen these new "EnV" commercials from Verizon wireless, with the "Seven Deadly Sins" theme? They are apparently meant to be "consumed" as a pair. Still, they annoy me.

Voice Over: "Beware the Seven Deadly Sins: "Vanity...Lust...Wrath...Envy..." and then blah, blah, blah about new mobile (all-in-one) EnV device features.

Here's the thing, commercial copy-writer-person: you ONLY just mentioned FOUR of the SEVEN deadly sins. So, where are the rest of my sins, man. Don't leave me hangin. I want the rest of my Hot-Azz Sins.

Or, rather, at least to maintain a semblance of accuracy say something like: "BEWARE FOUR of the SEVEN Deadly Sins:...."

Ok. That probably wouldn't sounds as good for advertising copy, but still. You are teasing me, but warning me about the Seven Deadly Sins, without even demonstrating all Seven. For some reason, this Irks me.

Non-Sequiter spewing bastards! Fucking hate stupid advertisements on the Tele.

Just Sayin'
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