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Some sweet soul music

I am All about the latest 2006 John Legend recording Once Again, which I received for Christmas/Holiday 2006.

Very neo-classic, new-motown soul. Love that Old School meets new school sound.

Good stuff, if you like old-school type soul. I recommend.

Happy Birthday to the_hedonist
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I thought of you a while ago. One of our customers is a very amazing jazz artist. Her name is Diane Schurr and after listening to some stuff on her website, i instantly thought of you!

She is a blind artist, and has the most beautiful soulful sound.. Not to mention just an all around kickass awesome woman! Truly was blessed to meet her, even over the phone.

check her out
I am familiar with who she is, but I am not that familiar with her music. I will check her out though.

I DO think it is pretty cool that you actually had the opportunity to talk to her, though. She is a pretty big star in the Jazz world.